terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

French Girl

Stranger: Hi
You: i'm eating sugar
Stranger: okay lol
You: you are from?
Stranger: florida
You: cool, France
Stranger: that's cool
Stranger: m/f
You: f
You: you?
Stranger: m
You: so you're a dude
Stranger: age?
Stranger: yeah
You: 17
Stranger: 18
You: i like apples
Stranger: i like apples too
You: apple me up! that's what i say to my bf
Stranger: hahahah
You: but i don't like him
You: he cheats one me
Stranger: then why is he your bf?
You: cuz he loves me
You: very much
Stranger: but he cheats on u?
You: at least it's what he says
You: who doesn't cheat nowadays?
Stranger: have u cheated on him?
You: no
You: never
You: but he deserves to do it
You: he's very handsome
Stranger: then cheat on him
You: im just a regular French Girl....who would want me?
Stranger: what do u look like?
You: dunno
You: pretty normal I guess
Stranger: like black hair?
You: some people say i should be a model
You: im blonde
Stranger: well u must be pretty
You: no.
Stranger: i love blondes
You: I dunno how to dress
You: hey...arr you coming on to me?
Stranger: girl, we're like 10000 miles apart
You: oh that's cool
You: you're probably ugly anyway
Stranger: lol i think i'm ugly
You: I was kidding
You: u must look like...George Clooney
Stranger: yeah.....
You: really?
Stranger: no....
Stranger: i'm dirty blonde blue eyes 5'10
You: cool
You: what do you do in life?
You: besides masturbation?
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: im a draftsman
Stranger: so what do u do?
Stranger: besides your bf
You: you are very funny
You: like Seinfeld
You: better than Seinfeld
Stranger: are u coming on to me?
You: i'm an actress
Stranger: that's cool
You: dude, we're 10000000 km apart
You: but I can't get a job
Stranger: yet we're still talking to each other
You: i auditioned to a role of a maid...in a show called "We Are All Stupid"
Stranger: lol
You: is very funny
Stranger: were u too smart for the part?
You: but i didnt get the part
You: maybe!
Stranger: heheh
You: they just hired a girl with more boobs
You: i hate boobs
Stranger: so u don't got boobs ?
You: yes
You: but not big
Stranger: B's?
You: C plus
Stranger: those are pretty big
You: to me are very small
You: I like carrots
You: not only bunnies like carrots
Stranger: big carrots or small carrots?
You: I like them
You: are you being dirty?
Stranger: maybe
You: what do you mean by that?
You: you sir, disgust me!
Stranger: lol

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