terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2009


You: r u the love of my life?
Stranger: idk you tell me
You: how would i know?
Stranger: idk
You: tell me bout u
Stranger: well what do you wanna knoww?
You: what do u do for fun
Stranger: hang with my niqqquuuhss (:
You: niqus?
You: wtf?
Stranger: niggas
You: i hang with my chinks
Stranger: chinks? whats thatt
You: chinese ppl
You: they rule
Stranger: ohh.i see.
You: they are smarter than the average bear
Stranger: oh really
You: i think so
You: yesterday i asked Soon-Xu if she was planning on going to college
You: and she said: definetely
Stranger: ha,so where are you fromm?
You: Europe
Stranger: Ahhh,Im from the USA
You: is it better?
Stranger: I guess.Never been outta the USA.
You: USA stands for what? United States of Assholes?
Stranger: no.lol America.
You: my bad
You: America....sounds like a sandwhich
Stranger: haha lol.
You: im hungry~
You: for snatch
Stranger: ha im hungry too
You: who isnt?
You: fuck, everyone is
Stranger: i know right
You: wet pusssssyyyyy
You: like Moses said
Stranger: lmao yea aha
You: or Abe Lincoln... i dunno...one of them
Stranger: lmao
You: r u jewish?
Stranger: no
You: cool...otherwise i would be unpleasant to ya
Stranger: lol
You: they are like niggers
Stranger: ahaha howw
You: watermelon lovers
Stranger: haha
You: and unclean
Stranger: haha.not my niqquhs,then clean and smart & stuff
You: how come they're yours? are they in ur basement?
Stranger: noo.like they're my bestfriends
You: r u black?
Stranger: yea.im mixed with black & white
You: i am, at least from the waist down
You: get it?
Stranger: not really.lol
You: nevermind, life's a bitch
You: Kurt forever
You: *

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